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  • Armonía

    Armonia Beyond Nature

    “Armonia” is the balance of proportions between the different parts of a whole.

    Armonía Cosmética Natural, founded in Ibiza in 1980, is a Spanish brand belonging to a family enterprise that provides high-quality cosmetics for beauty and skin care, with proven results.

  • Esdor


    Esdor is a line of Spanish boutique cosmetics made with Eminol. Eminol is an antioxidant-rich polyphenol base extracted from the same tempranillo grapes we use to make some of the best wine in all of Spain.

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  • Kueshi

    KUESHI presents itself as a brand that has a total commitment to product quality at every step of the production. Therefore, the continued investment in research and investigation keeps the brand at the forefront of developing new innovative products with high quality and visible results. 

  • Naobay


    We promise to be on continuous research and development of new products, while meeting the standards of certified organic products.

    We believe that all cosmetics manufacturer should be clear at the time of appointing a “natural” or “organic” product. That is why we label the percentages of natural and organic ingredients in our products. Furthermore, we do not use any ingredient that is suspected of having some form of long-term risk to human health.

  • Unani

    We are a Spanish family business with over 10years experience in the world of natural and organic cosmetics. The basic principle is that the treatment should be "gentle and safe", it must balance the normal functions to seek and maintain the balance in the body.